Kaptur and Beyonce!

Hey guys - Something so exciting happened! A while back, my sister sent me a link saying there was this online thing called Kaptur, and right now they had a Beyonce theme where you could upload Facebook pictures of your wedding, and Beyonce's music would play in the background. I'm obsessed with B so of course I went ahead and made one for the fun of it.

Well, a person from Kaptur sent me an email a couple weeks ago saying they were working with Beyonce to pick a few of their favorite weddings submitted to Kaptur to feature on their site and mine was picked! Side note: does this mean BEYONCE saw pictures of MY wedding!? I don't know, but the thought alone makes me almost pass out. Anyway, here is a link to the site and you can see our pictures at the bottom.

Then they asked if I would want to write a blog post about our wedding story for their blog - of course! Here is the link to our wedding story on the Kaptur blog: Holly's wedding story

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