This clothing organizing app is pretty cool. Just like the movie, Clueless, as one of my friends put it!

I was so happy to hear that Giuliana and Bill Rancic had their baby! I've been following their story for quite a while and I just love them both.

Are women genetically happier than men?

This will make you smile. A lot. Seriously, just click it.

I love this Flag Conversions Tea Towel that Shanna Murray did for West Elm:

This may be one of my favorite outfits ever:

Loving this unique & functional coffee table:

Nothing new this week, just working on custom orders and my holiday collection (coming soon!)

Have a great Labor Day weekend!



Yesterday, I shared pictures from the Etsy Craft Party we threw on Friday. Today, I wanted to share a tutorial for one of the crafts we did at the party: Freezer Paper Screenprinting! This is a really easy craft that I think would be great to do with kids too! Here's what you do:

1. Print out a design on regular printer paper. 
We chose the Nashville skyline to go with our theme

2. Trace the design onto the smooth paper side of a piece of freezer paper.

3. Cut out the inside of the design. 
I would recommend doing a simpler design if you're doing this with kids - this part was kinda tricky, especially since we were using scissors rather than an x-acto knife.

4. Carefully iron the freezer paper to the fabric.

5. Paint a thin layer of fabric paint inside the design.
*It also helps to place a piece of cardboard under the fabric or inside the tote so that the paint doesn't bleed through.

6. Slowly remove the freezer paper and you're left with a "screenprinted" design!

Here we are with all of our creations!



Friday, my friend Lindsey and I threw a craft party as part of the worldwide Etsy Craft Party 2012.  The theme this year was "Wish You Were Here" so our party was a southern, Nashville theme! 

(Lindsey and I accidentally wore almost identical dresses - ha! Apparently blue and white seersucker says "Nashville" to us)

Nashville is all about southern food and music, so we incorporated those details in our party. We also used the Nashville skyline for a lot of our decorations and for both crafts.

 The crafts that we did were a postcard template that everyone could decorate and a homemade screenprinting craft using freezer paper (I'll be sharing a tutorial post tomorrow!). 

*Update: Click here to see the freezer paper screenprinting tutorial!



Here are my favorite links of the week:

"When I was a kid..." blog with pictures and text that people submit reflecting on their childhoods compared to present day. Cute!

50 reasons to have a baby

...and 50 reasons not to.

Disney princesses who would probably be divorced by now.

Ideas to make a small space look bigger

I'm obsessed with this colorful workspace:

Gorgeous California necklace:

I love this girl's haircolor and cut:

a helpful coffee chart:

Lobster Love card:

...much more on my Pinterest boards - follow me!

Have a great weekend!



Today I wanted to share a custom project I did for a new Etsy shop called paper & clay that features handmade books and ceramics.

The owner of the shop, Brit Kroner, is a friend of mine who I met during my short time living in Austin, Texas. She wanted an identity design for her new shop that was clean, simple, and modern (like her work). For the logo, I was inspired by the circular movement of a potter's wheel, and the hand drawn element ties the paper part into the design.

After designing her logo, I also printed her business cards on my letterpress with hand mixed gray ink on soft, off white paper.

You should definitely check out her shop if you get the chance - she's got some really great, modern pieces (these aqua cream and sugar bowls are my favorite)! And the screenprinted tote bag (above) is also available for purchase.



Everyone loves inexpensive party decorations, and if you're like me, you also really like ombre and dip dyed stuff. These favor bags are super budget friendly if you're throwing a party soon and I think they would look so great at a baby shower (you could do blue too!) or a bridal shower. Here's how I made them.

- Muslin bags (you can find these at any craft store! Depending on how many you need, you can also buy them in bulk online).
- Fabric dye (super cheap - this is also at craft stores)
- Water


1. Prepare the dye using the instructions on the box of whatever dye you choose.

2. There is more than one way to create the ombre effect. I dipped the bags half way in for about 5 minutes, and then a quarter of the way in for an extra 5-10 minutes. You could also do this in reverse. If you were creating a bunch of these, you could stand them all up half way, then pour out some of the water and stand them up with that amount.

3. Fill them with your favors!

I hope you enjoyed this easy DIY project, and that you find a use for it at your next party!


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