It took me quite a while to get the packaging figured out for my business, Holly Would Press. I think the presentation of your products is so important (especially with an online business) and I wanted something that would make people happy and reflect the brand. Here is the packaging I decided on.

Every card set gets bound with a belly band that has my logo on it. Then, wedding invitations are placed in a clear box and wrapped with yellow and blue bakers twine.

Stationery sets are bound with twine, and placed in a smaller paper box with a clear cover and a logo sticker. Rubber stamps are packaged inside a muslin bag with a hand stamped logo on it.

I punch my own tags with a paper punch and scrap paper (I have a lot of scrap paper from cutting out cards and invitations), then I heat emboss a "thank you" stamp on the front, and hand write a message on the back of the tag.

I put this smaller box in a more sturdy shipping box with a business card inside.

As far as shipping, it took me a while to organize all of the supplies because my husband and I live in a small apartment. I keep all of the large boxes in a laundry basket stored underneath a table:

Then I have a cart where I keep all of my smaller shipping and packaging supplies:

I string the bakers twine through these little spaces, which makes it really easy to cut a long piece of both of them at once and keeps the twine from getting all tangled:

I make lots of thank you tags ahead of time and keep them in a farmer's market basket so they're ready to go:

Other essentials: logo stickers, heat embosser, a scale for weighing packages, and bubble mailers.

I hope this is helpful for anyone starting a new business and trying to get organized! Do any of you have any other ideas?


  1. OMG Holly this is like one of my favorite posts on your blog! So many pretties pulled together to create adorable packaging :D

  2. Your package is very cute! I love how pretty and simple it is.


  3. Great tips and shipping ideas here. I know there are lot’s of individuals may see your post and same as me they will admire you.


  4. So organised! I've been tossing up the idea of starting a new business, so this post was great! Thank you for sharing.

  5. I found this post during my search for packaging supplies. Would you mind sharing with me where you purchase your packaging material?

    Thank you! Lovely blog!

    1. Thanks! I get my packaging supplies from a few different places. I like Uline, Clearbags, and The Boxery.



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