Last week, I started reading this book called Simplicity Parenting, which might seem strange given that I do not have any children. But I've mentioned before that I enjoy thinking about these things and I also enjoy learning about psychology (I minored in it in college). After reading about the book here, I immediately requested it from my library. 

Basically, this book talks about some really groundbreaking stuff that seems like it should be common sense. It is obviously directed toward parents, but I actually found a lot of the information applicable to adult life as well. 

The author explains that in today's fast-paced world, kids (and adults) have too much stuff and it's making them overwhelmed. He says that most parents should cut their child's number of toys in half, and then in half again and sometimes I think there are a lot of adults that should do the same thing with their own stuff! I know that I am the type of person who can't focus well if my environment is a mess. In college, I always had to clean my room before I could study. Our brains don't function as well if there is a bunch of stuff cluttering up our environment (and therefore our minds). He also did a study which proved that minimizing the amount of toys and just "stuff" in a child's environment can reduce symptoms of ADD or cure it all together. Crazy right? But it makes sense. 

He also explains the types of toys kids should have. Kids need toys, yes, but they need toys that leave room for imagination. I mean, how often do you see kids playing with the big box that a fancy toy came in? That's because the box can be anything they want it to be, while the fancy toy is a set object that can't really become anything else in the child's mind. Kids also need more time outdoors, doing art projects, or playing with their parents and less time on electronics, in front of the TV, or playing with complicated plastic toys that just require pushing a lot of buttons. 

image via con fetti

This book is loaded with lots more information than the little bit that I touched on so I definitely recommend getting this one if you have small children or are just interested in this stuff like me. I actually found it really motivational just in my every day life. Since I started reading it, I have made a real effort to be more in the moment rather than rushing through life and trying to "multi-task" (another effect of having too much stuff) because it makes you so much less productive. I have also gone through my closet and took a load of stuff to Goodwill (something I have always done every so often anyway), which always feels so good!

Has anyone else read this book? What are your thoughts on this idea?


  1. I love that you read a parenting book even if you aren't a parent! That kind of thing always scares me.. but you're right, why not read it? I completely agree about simplifying life, though. I am such a pack rat and keep so many "what if" items, "just in case"..!

  2. I think this is fantastic and I just added the book to my "to read" list. We are trying to simplify and minimalize our house, my daughter's toys & clothes, basically everything. We are so done with "stuff." Thanks for posting this - it was some much needed encouragement tonight. :)



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