Hi ladies! Today I want to talk about an article that I recently came across about saving time and doing less (you can read the full article here).

If you are starting a business, working as a freelance designer, building a brand, etc. you know that it can be completely overwhelming sometimes. I know that, personally, I struggle with answering emails and messages, and there are days when I feel simultaneously exhausted and like I didn't accomplish anything at the same time (not a good feeling!).

That feeling is usually caused by participating in too many time-wasting tasks, like:

- answering every single email and message, even if it's irrelevant
- running every single aspect of your business and being afraid to outsource
- overbooking yourself with meetings and appointments
- not prioritizing your to-do list

I think it's really important to remember, especially when you're first getting started, that you don't have to say yes to every opportunity and collaboration that comes your way (in fact, you shouldn't!). You also don't have to do everything yourself (see my vlog on outsourcing production here).

Your time is so valuable, and it's really important to be intentional about what is necessary, and to be continuously editing your weekday so that your time isn't being wasted.

Check out this article by we work for more detailed tips on doing less (in a good way), and let me know in the comments what time-wasters you will cut out to make your day more efficient.

PS - We Work seems like a genius idea for those of you who are starting a business - they're not in Nashville yet so I can't participate, but check out the website to see if they are in your location!



inspiration photos: olivia & jillian

What's that, you say? You'd love to see a blog series on here every so often?

Well, say no more! Every month, I will be doing a style post featuring casual, effortless pieces that are comfy but cute for those of you who work from home like me.

It's hard to balance comfort (which is one of the main benefits of working from home) with style (just to keep you from not feeling like a slob, and in case you need to run to the store or something and, you know...see humans).

In the past, I wrote a ton of style posts but now that most of my readers are more interested in what I have to say about owning an online shop / working from home / chasing dreams and all that, I thought this would be a fun way to merge the two.

Here are my picks for this month:



DO YOU KNOW YOUR PERSONALITY TYPE? | charmandgumption.com

I have always been fascinated by personality tests.

I love learning more about why I do the weird things that I do. I love hearing all of the wonderful things about myself (and conveniently skipping the "weaknesses" section, haha...am I right? that part always kinda stings). I think we all like to hear that we're not crazy, and sometimes taking a personality test will explain your little quirks and make you feel so much better about them.

I think I have mentioned this before, but I was a psychology minor in college (I was obsessed with my psych classes), and I remember reading about one of the most scientifically accurate tests, the Myers-Briggs. I recently retook the test and wow, it really is just scary-accurate.

My personality type is INFP.

Here are some of my traits, according to the test:
- intuitive about people
- prefers to work alone (as I sit in my apartment with my dog)
- not detail oriented (amen.)
- creative, passionate
- have a hard time choosing a career (uh...yeah)
- idealistic, won't do something just to do it, or for the money alone
- hates conflict (I'm the biggest pushover, seriously)
- super hard on themselves, perfectionists (see this post)
- does not take criticism well (might explain why I hate the "weaknesses" section...)
- wants to help people

...I mean, I could not have written more accurate statements about myself. There were so many times, when reading over my type that I was physically nodding my head. It's like "someone finally understands me!".

I highly encourage all of you to take the Myers-Briggs and see what it says about you. If you're still in school or considering your career path, it might even help you to avoid things that are not a good match with your personality type. I could have eliminated several career options from my list in college, had I taken my type seriously!

Let me know your type, and whether or not you found it to be accurate in the comments section. xo


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