This Twitter handle will take you back to the days of AOL messenger haha - made me laugh: @yourawaymessage

Well this is strange.

I was obsessed with The Babysitter's Club books when I was younger, so this made me happy.

Reese Witherspoon named her son Tennessee - here's a list of other place names.

Articles like this one make me happy to be a small business owner right now!

Memories from fifth grade

HIMYM (and really anything with Jason Segel):

This little pumpkin:

Brad Goreski has some awesome business cards:

These pretty scrap paper bottles:

I made these party garland invitations inspired by the Confetti System tassel garlands (which I love, I mean who doesn't?):

...and much more on Pinterest! Follow me?

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I have to share this free download that I came across on The Design Editor blog. The blog writer, Catherine, enlarged photos of her vintage cameras at Staples for around 3 bucks and you can download her photos for free and do the same! Really cool art for cheap = awesome.

cool, cheap vintage camera art



I'm all for unique wedding photos, but this just seems icky.

An infographic to help you determine if you are at a hipster wedding.

Kids living life and not giving a bleep. Too funny!

I love donuts as much as the next person but...seriously?

Maroon Bells in Aspen, Colorado is on my list of places I want to go - beautiful!

The perfect red hair color:

Lovely little kitchen (butcher block countertops + white cabinets and tile is my fave):

This is too cute:

This craspedia cluster would make any room a little cheerier:

A festive coaster set for the holidays:

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I was recently asked to contribute a grab bag item to a local bridal show and I found this tutorial for creating scratch off cards that I used as inspiration. I decided to make my own but with a few changes. 

First I printed and cut several cards with a design that included a 1" circle with 1 of 3 different discounts on it. My one piece of advice for this project: make sure the word or picture that is underneath the scratch off sticker is in a dark color. At first, I printed blue circles with white words and it was not very visible beneath the scratch off sticker.
DIY scratch off coupons (via Holly Would.)

Then I placed these 1" scratch off circle stickers over the circle in the design that included the discount and code.
DIY scratch off coupons (via Holly Would.)

DIY scratch off coupons (via Holly Would.)

DIY scratch off coupons (via Holly Would.)

 It's as easy as that! The scratch off stickers are not very expensive, and this project is so simple but unique. They would be great for the holidays or for a creative gift project.



First there was Instagram, now there's Normalize

So freaky! Watch the linked video too.

Can being less confident actually help you?

mind blowing stuff (except I've eaten cupcakes like that for years - people who've had braces will understand)

so true!

Cool way to decorate a chocolate cake: lace + powdered sugar!

a fun entryway:

I love this porcelain & leather planter:

My holiday stuff is out - Hooray! You can shop the whole collection here.
& All my lovely readers get 10% off this month only so hurry! Christmas time's a-comin'.

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Today's interview is with my friend, Brit, who I met during my short time living in Austin, Texas. She recently opened her shop, Paper & Clay, and you might remember that I worked on her identity design and printed her business cards. Brit is a talented lady with such a beautiful, modern aesthetic. Here is what she had to say about her creative career.


Have you always known you wanted to be a ceramicist?
No, in fact, when I was a kid I wanted to grow up to be a Veterinarian! (That's what all ten-year-old girls say right?) But you know around 9th grade I realized that I was terrible at math and science, so I sort of let that one go.

I suppose I've always been a creative thinker, and my mom is an artist so I always had exposure to the visual arts, but it wasn't until my late teens or early twenties that I started seriously considering a creative career. I started out in photography, which I really enjoyed, but the first time I sat down at a pottery wheel I knew I'd found my niche.

Tell me a little bit about your education and how it prepared you for this career (or didn't).
I attended the Ceramics program at the University of Memphis (where I will finish my BFA in the Spring). There has been a lot of recent discussion about the value of a college degree to our generation-- particularly one in the Fine or Liberal Arts. Some people argue that if you don’t come out of your educational experience with a specific applicable skill, you likely just washed all of that money down the drain. In many ways I agree with that sentiment. I do think there are many people who can have a successful creative career without the experience of a University program—but they have to work ten times harder to teach themselves, make connections, and to keep up with their contemporaries. It would require a great amount of discipline and an amazing work ethic. While I would definitely love to change some of the decisions I’ve made about my education, I feel that my time in school has been remarkably important, primarily for the relationships and connections that I’ve formed with many of my professors, who are very often successful artists themselves.
Oh goodness, did I get off topic?


Do you do this full time? If not, tell me about your day job (good and bad). If so, when did you know it was time to make the leap into full time?
I’m not selling my work full time yet—but I’m hopeful that it will happen soon! Until recently I was working as a nanny for a fabulous family who was very supportive of my work, and very encouraging as I did all of the legwork for Paper & Clay. I’m really thankful for their support and their confidence in my ability to make it happen. It is so important to have people like that in your life. Right now I’m doing some freelance work in Social Media, but the majority of my time is spent in the ceramics studio.

What are your favorite and least favorite parts of your job? 
I love being in my studio, creating work (I particularly love the chemistry), marketing through social media, meeting other artists, doing research— it is so much work having your own business, but I’d rather work 80 hours a week doing what I love than half that time working for the weekend. My one hated responsibility: pricing. Ugh.

When will you feel like you've "made it"? or what is your ultimate long term dream?
I have some short-term goals that I am working hard to achieve right now, and some long-term goals that are always in the back of my mind. The biggest one is to see the Paper & Clay brand in some of my favorite shops. Anthropology, Canoe, Alder & Co. It’s tricky to say “I’ve made it when . . .”, but I think when I’ve reached the point that I’m able to transition to working for myself full time, that will be the big moment for me.

Brit McDaniel of Paper & Clay (via HollyWould) ©AnnabellaCharles Photography

What has been your greatest success?
Ha! Well Paper & Clay is just a baby, so my accomplishments so far seem quite insignificant when compared with my lofty goals!

What is one thing you did wrong?
My biggest mistake was getting up to my eyeballs in student loan debt. It's a burden I'm going to have to face for at least the next decade. My advice: find a way to go to school for free. I'm serious. Don't pay for it. Find a way. Student debt is the WORST.

Your favorite inspirational quote / mantra:
"Don't think. Thinking is the enemy of all creativity. It's self-conscious, and anything self-conscious is lousy. You can't try to do things. You simply must do things."

-- Ray Bradbury


Photography by AnnaBella Charles

You can learn more about Brit's business, Paper & Clay, by visiting the following links:

Click here to read the other creative careers interviews.



I told you about the gift wrapping technique I used for Wes' anniversary gift, but I didn't tell you what the gift actually was! I know that traditionally 1 year gift is "paper" but I didn't know what the heck to do with that so I was talking to my sister, and she said that she heard that the modern one year gift is something related to time. I liked this much better so I ended up getting him a watch, and I made a whole little "time" theme for the gift.

time themed 1 year anniversary gift idea (via HollyWould)

I quickly drew up this watch card to go with the theme.

& In case you were wondering what my anniversary gift was, it was this gorgeous dress from Anthropologie. Wes apparently has a sixth sense when it comes to gifts because I was drooling over this dress at Anthro the other day but he wasn't even with me to know that!

anthropologie sangeet dress
Sangeet Dress, Anthropologie



DIY stamped fabric gift wrap (via HollyWould)

Yesterday was my one year anniversary, which of course involved some gift giving! I decided to make his gift a little more special by wrapping it in fabric rather than wrapping paper. 

I just took an old sheet (that Chester had chewed a hole in...ugh) and cut it into a square. Then I stamped a pattern with a heart stamp and regular ink pad that I already had. After I made the pattern, I let the fabric dry. Then I tied the 4 corners at the top around the gift, and stamped a gift tag to match.

This is a super easy project that makes a gift a little more special. I might do the same thing around Christmas time with a tree or snowflake stamp!



It's hard to believe that this time last year, I was getting ready for my wedding!

This first year has flown by and been so much fun. They always say that the first year of marriage is the hardest, and this year was awesome so I hope that's true! :)

I'm off to bake cookies and go shopping for the hubbs - have a great Monday!



Most people agree that the 20's are our hardest years (well that's good news!).

How to block annoying political posts on Facebook. You're welcome.

Speaking of Facebook, how to get more likes. This made me LOL. Seriously, just make something likeable!

How to set up your bedroom for better sleep

Honey Boo Boo makes how much money??

The free concert series, Live on the Green started last night here in Nashville. I'm STOKED to see Alabama Shakes.

Capri, Italy is on my list of places I want to go - gorgeous!

This insane waterfall pool is NOT:


Cute little pug:

Hot air balloon centerpiece - Love it!

I also love this living room:

what a fun gold + pink necklace:

...and much more on Pinterest!

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I'm sorry the blog has been a bit of a mess this week! I'm styling a wedding this weekend so I've been finishing up a lot of decorations and organizing everything. I've also been getting my holiday collection ready for the shop, filling orders, squeezing in time to work out, and yesterday I was asked to be an extra on a new show that comes out in October (which was really fun)! 

Whew, it's been a busy week but I love it! :) Hopefully next weeks posts will be back to normal though. Have a great Thursday - link love post tomorrow!


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