Happy Friday!

Here are my favorite links of the week:

A fun book about decorating a rental home - I might have to get this!

Hypnotising wind map

Obama is on Pinterest!

Speaking of Pinterest, there's finally one for men.

Women spend how much time cleaning up after chores their man did badly? haha

Anyone job hunting? This site makes your resume stand out and look creative, but still professional.

Kate Winslet clearly gets better with age...are any of you watching Titanic in theaters again??

When I was little I sooo wanted a princess-like canopy bed. I could've just made a fake one!

Also, in Jam + Toast news, we posted some brand new designs on our site today! You should check them out! :)


Have a great weekend!



I hope everyone had a great week! I'm sick today, so I'm writing this from the couch and drinking insane amounts of water. Hopefully resting up will make me feel better faster. Chester has been a good nurse/heating pad. :)

Here are my favorite links of the week:

Nifty scrapwood wallpaper.

Not really a favorite link, but an interesting one: some shockingly sexist vintage ads (it's nice to see how far we've come!)

I would so love to visit the Kensington Palace, where Princess Diana lived, and where Kate and William will be moving into next year (they're giving tours!)

We're one step closer to finding jeans that fit us right, ladies.

Presidential retreats. I've been to Monticello, and it's super pretty.

Who would have thought that stuff from the hardware store could be so fab?

Hey someone had the same idea that we had for a built-in desk!

I haven't worn a one-piece bathing suit since I was little, but J.Crew's selection might change that.

Not sure how I feel yet about ombre tights.

This made me laugh. (But I love me some Sperrys)

I also love me some Pinterest, but this site cracked me up. Seriously, some people go way too far with the DIYing.

If you're having a spring/summer wedding and want some bright colored dresses for your bridesmaids, I rounded up some cute ones over on the Jam + Toast blog.

Have a great weekend!

(Photo via Max Ekelin)



Here's an easy project to add a little color to your kitchen! 

Just pick a fruit, cut it in half, apply paint, and stamp it onto a canvas! You might have to touch it up a little bit with a brush, and I added little stems with a Sharpie, too. Overall this project only took about twenty minutes.

PS. Here's an awesome potato print artwork project with a similar technique!



How was your week? Mine was really good, and made me really excited about things to come with Jam + Toast. This week we had a meeting about making some exciting changes, and we are having a photoshoot this weekend for new designs we will be adding to our shop! I'm so excited to show you all.

I hope you are doing something fun this weekend too!

Here are my favorite links of the week:

This kid is my hero. Hilarious!

Have you seen GAP's new Styld.by lookbook? Love it all.

MAC's 90 year old model! Refreshing.

This wedding is awesome.

Cuteness overload!

I hope 24 isn't too old for a backpack

Alexa Chung is so stinkin cute.

This rooftop movie event looks like so much fun - Hello, vintage camper!

My future home might need a fun stripe of color on the outside - how cool!

Love this.

Maybe my bday gift card should go toward one of these  ...

and one of these. Decisions, decisions :)

 Have a great weekend!

(Photo is of our DIY coffee table)



As I mentioned yesterday, my family visited Nashville for the first time this past weekend. We had so much fun showing them our favorite locals spots, but we wanted them to also get to see the tourist attractions. One of the big stops we made was to the Country Music Hall of Fame. I really didn't expect to enjoy it as much as I did! It was full of beautiful, rare antiques and awesome Hatch Show Prints

Here are some Instagram pictures I took while we were there:



Yep, I'm the big 2-4 today! Last night, Wes surprised me with this pretty setup that included gift cards to 2 of my favorite stores (Anthropologie and West Elm)!

Isn't that sweet?

And last weekend, my parents drove down and visited, which is the best present ever! We had so much fun! I'll post photos of everything we did tomorrow.

Have a great day, even if it's not your birthday! xo



Vintage crates are one of the not-so-rare vintage items out there. It seems like every vintage or antique store you go to has a ton of them! A lot of people like their look (they come in all sorts of fun, faded colors!), but they aren't sure what to do with a big crate in their house. Here's what I did with ours:

I used our Coke crate that we found at an antique store to organize my craft supplies. The little dividers in it make it perfect for organizing! 

There are tons of other uses for these little guys though!
Here are some ways that other people have used vintage crates in their homes:




Last weekend, my handy hubby took a trip to Home Depot and made this awesome free standing desk for our little apartment! It's so nice to have a big place to work on things! 

Here's what we were using before:

And here it is now!

Here's a picture of our DIY desk from the side:



pink barn 

I hope everyone had a great week!
My family is visiting Nashville for the first time tomorrow, and I'm so excited to see them and show them the town!

Here are my favorite links from around the web this week:

Popsicle Invitations, by Martha (who else?)

This is completely true for me (my poor hubby).

Even. More. Scallops!  

The prettiest cutlery

Mantyhose? Let's not, guys...

Good advice on balancing work and life.

Cool lighting.

Kind of a short list this week, but definitely some goodies! :)

Have a great weekend!



This past weekend, we decided to spruce up our old coffee table that we got for free from my parents' old farm house!

We painted it white, distressed it with sandpaper, and painted the top with chalkboard paint!

Here's how it looked when we started:
pretty yuck, right?

During (Chester likes to help)

The top had to be sanded down quite a bit (which was the least fun part):

We love how it turned out! Now we can play board games or write notes right in front of the couch. :)



How was your week? 
We've had some crazy weather here lately and it's making me feel a little sick, but other than that mine was really good! This weekend I'm going to put my birthday Anthropologie coupon to good use (what a chore...) and just relax! I'm so excited to sleep in!


Here are my favorite links of the week:

Proud wife moment: My husband won first place in a lyric contest, and will be appearing in this month's American Songwriter Magazine! I'll do a post on it later, but for now you can check out his interview here.

Beautiful dog paintings

Rifle now makes fabric!? I'm in trouble...

 Why country is hot right now. Nashville's own Hatch Show Print starts off the list!

Modern wallpaper

I love Stella & Dot's new green earrings. Gorgeous!

Did you watch the Oscars?
 Some of my fave dresses were Jessica Chastain, Octavia Spencer, and Milla Jovovich.

You've probably already seen this by now, but just in case, you've gotta check out this super serious blog about dogs and physics. Too funny.

sweet, unique wedding band.

This table transformation is pretty great.

Big art on the cheap!

Fab tumblers.

This blog made me laugh.


Jam and Toast
Did you check out the wedding budget infographic on our blog this week? Weddings are expensive, people!

We also found some fun, unexpected honeymoon ideas for every style.


Have a great weekend!


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