This time of the year, I get extra motivated about working out. All the sunshine makes me happy and gives me a major energy boost. Like a lot of people though, if I don't work out first thing in the morning, I have a hard time doing it later. I just get busy with other things or lose energy throughout the day or it doesn't work with my schedule. 

The problem is I am not a morning person - not even a little bit. I would much rather stay up late than wake up early so trying to wake up extra early to exercise is not appealing to me at all. It is something I have had to train myself to do, and it has taken a lot of practice. I thought I would write out my tips that I had to learn the hard way in case any of you have the same problem. I hope they help!

Do you have any tips for waking up early to exercise?


  1. Those sound about like what works for me....especially the be prepared part. Nothing worse than trying to find socks or something to match or anything that requires thinking before (or without) coffee. I haven't been lifting lately bc I'm trying to do the running thing and can't seem to get it all together just yet. Good for you and cute tips. Makes a nice poster. :) Kel

  2. Thanks Kelly :) So true about too much thinking! haha You're awesome for running so much - I've tried to force myself so many times, but it just never works for me and my body always starts falling apart lol

  3. I go a step further with the being prepared...I just wear my workout clothes to bed the night before, unfold my socks, and stick them into each sneaker. So what if my clothes aren't fresh from the drawer, I'm going to sweat anyway!

  4. That's a great idea! The less steps between me and the gym in the morning, the better! I might have to try sleeping in my gym clothes too

  5. you lost me at go to bed early and don't drink alcohol with dinner! LOL ;) I struggle with getting up to work out..or getting up early PERIOD.I've even tried working out before bed at 3 a.m.on my night owl schedule. not good. Getting up to work out tops my "to do" list so I think sprinting to the alarm in another room is just the trick to get me started! I think I will also have a workout dvd in and ready to go just in case I excuse-talk myself out of leaving the house for a walk or the gym...Excellent topic & tips!!

  6. hahaha not having a glass of wine with dinner is a killer - not gonna lie. I still do it on the weekends though! I hope what worked for me will also work for you - good luck! Let me know how it goes :)



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