I hope everyone had a great week! Sorry I'm getting this post out a little late this week - I had a long but fun day yesterday that I'll be posting about later this month. :) ahh the suspense!

piñata cookies

Here are my favorite links of the week:

Today is Cinco de Mayo! These adorbs pinata cookies would be perfect for a party.

Then you could make these cute, printable Cinco de Mayo favor bags!

I should have posted this last week, but here are 23 reasons why May is going to be the best month ever (the last one is my favorite obviously haha)

What are your thoughts on the very controversial, very tan mom story?

Scott Disick Appreciation - I always think he's hilarious so this made me LOL

The 90's are now officially vintage. I feel officially old.

Did you know Starbucks has a secret menu? I didn't, but it all sounds delish.

My patterned dinnerware DIY was featured on Knock Off Decor today - cool!

If you love the tumblr blog, What Should We Call Me, you might like this funny one written by a magazine editor.

I can't get enough of this adorable baby elephant on the beach (especially the face plant picture haha)

And here's a pretty funny video to start off your weekend (who hasn't had this awkward moment?):

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