After seeing all of the pretty color blocked / dip dyed stuff in my dip dyed post the other day, I was really in the mood for another dipped DIY.

My parents gave us these 2 vintage end tables that were left in the farmhouse they bought a few years ago. They were wooden when we got them, but I painted them white. Since they are already painted, they seemed like a great piece of furniture to "dip" because if we get tired of it, we can just paint over it.

All you need for this project (besides the piece of furniture) is a fun paint color, painter's tape, measuring tape (or a ruler), and a brush!

1. Measure how far up the furniture legs you want the "dipped" color to go (I went with four inches).
2. Mark that area with painter's tape. You will need two pieces of tape to make it evenly go around the leg if it is round, like this one. 
3. Paint to the end of the leg. 

I actually only did one coat of this paint because that is all it seemed to need to match the rest of the table. However, my tables have a little bit of distressing. If you are painting something that is very opaque and shiny, you'll want to do a few coats to match that look.

I love this fun pop of color on an older piece of furniture! It brightens up the room in a really subtle way. :)

PS. Dip dyed spoons, dip dyed hair, and other dipped stuff

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