What are you doing this weekend? Wes and I ordered a new camera on Monday that should be arriving today, so I'm guessing we're going to spend the whole weekend taking pictures. We've been so excited for it to get here! Get ready for hopefully much better photography on here than the iPhone camera I've been using haha.

My favorite links of the week this week:

17 Weirdest NY Craigslist Posts Right Now - Craigslist definitely brings out the crazies.

15 Ecards You Wish You Could Send Your Ex:

 A Merry Mishap Etsy shop has some of the coolest jewerly. I discovered it while browsing through the amazing vendors who will be at the Porter Flea with us in a few weeks - so excited!

This letter from Ronald Reagan to his son Michael made me tear up.

Most Common Birthdays Infographic - kinda interesting to me for some reason

an amazing restored farmhouse - a little more minimalist than my style, but so beautiful:

What to Do When You Don't Yet Know Your Purpose (I think everyone has felt that way at some point)

Say No to Jugs - hilarious commercial for Method laundry detergent

Text Only Instagram (like Pictureless Pinterest I posted about a while back)

Jaden Smith asked the president about aliens - cute story :)

These photos of the pet lion that Melanie Griffith's family had growing up are so fascinating/crazy:

If I was getting married soon, I would definitely play this song and this song.

Have a great weekend!

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