{six things that I found funny, interesting, and/or nice to look at this week}


I may need to have a baby just because J.Crew came out with a baby line | I love this fall table runner DIY (made with potato stamps!) | a healthy pumpkin spice latte recipe you can make at home - yum! | Who else is obsessed with the Phillip Lim + Target collab? Loving these satchel bags. | cute fall look - girls have been wearing hats like this all over Nashville lately. | I cannot stop staring at this perfect bedside table styling - I definitely want to try to do something similar in the new house :)

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we're moving!

About a year ago, we were looking for a house to rent. But we couldn't find anything in our price range and the right location, so we decided to just make the most out of our current apartment. That turned out nice and worked for a while, but we obviously still needed more space. After a period of considering moving back to Ohio, we decided to stay here for at least a few more years so it made sense to make an investment and buy a house!

The new house is further out of town than our current apartment which is right in the middle of the action. But after living here for a few years, it is worth it to us to live a little further away and have more space for our money.

Having our own house is such a dream come true! I'm so excited to move out of this tiny space, which feels tinier than ever right now! We close on the new house in about a month so things will be a little bit crazy for a while, but I will try to keep you guys updated as much as possible. xo!



{six things that I found funny, interesting, and/or nice to look at this week}

link love 9.20.13

the perfect cozy and affordable pullover from Target | lovely hair color for fall | I think I will be doing painted pumpkins this year for my autumn decorating | essie's chinchilly is my favorite nail polish to wear this time of year (photo from here) | the most adorable invitations for a little girl party ever - I wish I was invited | ahh the eternal cold weather dilemma

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For today's post, I gathered up a bunch of items to help you recreate the workspace look below, which is full of vintage elements and whimsical florals. I feel like this is a really timeless, feminine style for a lady's workspace. What do you think?


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Oh, hi there. It's me...Holly...remember me? If not, it's okay. I haven't blogged in like a trillion years. 

Things with Charm & Gumption have been going really well lately. And when business stuff goes well it means that things are also really busy. So, on my list of things to do, writing a blog post always falls to the end of the list. But I'm going to get better! I promise (I know, I've said that before). 

How you ask? By dealing with my busy-ness the only way I know how: making lots and lots of lists. What I realized my schedule needs is more consistency. Any of you who work from home will know that having a consistent schedule is one of the hardest but most necessary parts of it. And lately, I just haven't been very consistent. 

So yesterday I made a list of all of the things I need to get done each week by category: blogging, order filling, emailing (you'd be shocked at how much time per day I spend sending/reading emails), as well as housework type stuff, like getting the groceries and doing the laundry. I realized that I could work a lot smarter (and not so hard) by spreading out all of these chores and things throughout the week rather than being a sporadic mess who's always running around like a chicken with her head cut off (duh). 

I got out my handy keyboard memo pad and wrote color coded to-do's for each category on each day and just doing that made me feel, like, ten times better. Cause I'm a weirdo like that.

How do you maintain a consistent schedule (or do you)? Any tips?


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