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We finally finished furnishing and decorating the living room of our new home! For those of you who don't know, we moved into a three bed, three bath house from a tiny one bedroom apartment, so we had basically no furniture when we first moved in. We have been taking the house a room at a time, and the living room was the first on the list. I hope you like it! I listed all of the links that I could think of at the bottom of the post so check that out, and let me know what you think in the comments! xo!

Here's what it looked like when we bought it:

...and here's what it looks like now!
LIVING ROOM TOUR! | hollywouldblvd.com

LIVING ROOM TOUR! | hollywouldblvd.com

LIVING ROOM TOUR! | hollywouldblvd.com

LIVING ROOM TOUR! | hollywouldblvd.com

LIVING ROOM TOUR! | hollywouldblvd.com

LIVING ROOM TOUR! | hollywouldblvd.com

LIVING ROOM TOUR! | hollywouldblvd.com

LIVING ROOM TOUR! | hollywouldblvd.com

LIVING ROOM TOUR! | hollywouldblvd.com

LIVING ROOM TOUR! | hollywouldblvd.com

LIVING ROOM TOUR! | hollywouldblvd.com

and here's a video if you'd like to take a closer look!

shopping sources below!

paint color: Revere Pewter, Half Strength (color matched at Home Depot with Behr paint)

couch - Ikea
blue chair - Target
beige chair - Overstock
TV stand - thrifted
ottoman / coffee table - Target
white side table - thrifted
circular side table - Target
white chair - Amazon
bookshelf - Ikea

pink dots - Furbish Studio
cream color - Target
C monogram - Jonathan Adler
gray ikat - Target

art (from left to right)
small wooden frame - Target
square peonies print - Pratt Creek Art
black square frame - Amazon
Invincible Summer print - Pennyweight
white 8 x 10 frame - Target
large wooden frame - Target
Joie de Vivre print - Jeanetta Gonzales
white frame with mat - Walmart
(other frames unknown)

zinc ampersand - Anthropologie
2 gold candles - Target
Paris map - Paper Source
mason jars - thrifted (spray painted one gold)

bookshelf styling
record player - Urban Outfitters
records - thrifted
photo book - Pinhole Press
zinc letters - Anthropologie
silk pink peonies - Blue Orchid Creations
brass owls - thrifted

other accents
area rug - Wayfair
curtains - Target
floor lamp - Target
coffee table tray - Target
frame on accent table - Target
throw basket - Target


  1. The Invincible Summer quote is one of my all time favorites--I love how you've used it here! Beautiful room!! :)

    1. I love it too! I love all of her work. Thanks so much!

  2. I love the chairs and the frame gallery over the TV! I like how your pillows are all different. I tend to get too matchy-matchy with my pillows but this makes me want to try something new... *Like I need an excuse to got to Target... =)

    1. haha I am pretty good at creating excuses to go to Target! ;) Thanks, Miranda!

  3. I love that so many of your choices were from reasonable shopping locations (read: Target and Ikea) instead of super luxurious - I can't afford them stores! Thank you for sharing your room transformation! It gives me inspiration for my own home, which I recently moved into and am working on making my own design decisions on!

    1. Thanks, Kim! That's so good to hear - I know I am often discouraged by the prices of some of the things that I find on pinterest and blogs too. Good luck with your home as well! :)

  4. Oh my! You made it look so gorgeous! Great job! I love the color scheme! I love the photos on the wall as well! Gorgeous!



  5. Wow, your living room is so dreamy!! I am in love with it all. I like how you framed the tv with wall art to make it more of a visually pleasing area rather than just a tv on a stand against a plain wall! The whole area looks so cozy like you could just curl up with a book on the couch and have the fireplace going. Seriously LOVE it all. Can't stop gushing hahah :)

    a state of [stylish] grace

    1. You're so sweet! Seriously made my day! :) Thanks, Kayla! xo

  6. Holly - your living room is gorgeous. It looks so cozy. I can pretty much pick out exactly where one should sit, wrapped in an afghan with a good book and a mug of tea.

    Highlights for me are how you arranged the bookcase and your mantle arrangement. Hope you might be willing to consult! Haha. This is great. If all the other rooms are even half as fabulous, you have a killer house.

    1. haha aww thanks so much kto!! :) your comment seriously made my day. and of course I will "consult" you (aka go shopping...).

  7. Beautiful room!! I love the floor lamp. I've recently bought a similar one at interior-deluxe.com but this lamp was more expensive. :-)

    1. thanks, Linda! you can find some steals at target! :)



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