Did you have a good week? Last night we went to the Ryman and saw Chris Thile and Michael Davis play the most under appreciated music out there. The harmonies are so intricate and they are such insanely talented musicians. I encourage you to check them out!

I hope you're doing something fun this weekend - I don't have any real plans (which is kinda nice) so I'll probably just be taking it kinda easy this weekend and maybe breaking in the pool now that it's crazy hot outside.

Here are my favorites of the week:

The six greatest enemies of happiness - with fun little diagrams for each one.
New John Mayer song + Draw Something = awesome.
Another celebrity marriage bites the dust. Sad.
2 little girls explain the worst haircut ever - soo funny and cute!
Buzzfeed posted the best of Friends bloopers and I was of course ecstatic. Try not to smile, I dare you!  

clever packaging:

I so wish the answer was yes:

Gorgeous makeup:

Brownie cookies with caramel cream frosting. Drool.

Loving the fringe garland at this summer fiesta!

Handwritten Heart Save the Date Card:

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Have a great weekend!



If you are dating/married to a guy like my husband, you've struggled with figuring out what to get him on special occasions. Wes is the kind of guy who will just buy something if he wants it, which is a pretty common trait among men. Oh, and if you're thinking of buying him something "different" than the stuff he usually likes, you know to stretch his fashion boundaries or something, think again. Trust me (and the yellow sweater at the bottom of Wes' dresser with the tags still on it).

I think the best thing to do for guys like this is to go with 1) classic manly gifts, 2) unique gifts that are cool but he's probably never seen before, or 3) things that men like and need but never shop for. With those ideas in mind, here are 10 gift ideas for the difficult man in your life:

Bacon/Chocolate Chip Pancake Mix - Make him these amazing and manly pancakes. $12.00

A framed print of his icon - Awesome photographs of awesome people, and more mature than a poster. $109 - 359

Beer of the Month Club Membership - Men like beer. $36.95/month

Beer Tasting Tool Kit - Like I said... $24.95

Take a hot air balloon ride - If he's a little adventurous, not if he's afraid of heights. Price varies

Man Skills Handbook - So he's always prepared. $18.07

Sirius XM Radio - Make his commute less boring. This is a safe bet because there's something for everyone on XM radio. $200ish/year

Whiskey Stones - Frozen stones that won't melt and dilute his drink $24.95

The Lonely Island CD's 1 and 2 - I've never seen someone not crack up at these guys. 

None of these sound like they'll work? Get him a gift card to his favorite store, and make him a recipe from this website. I promise he'll be very happy - men don't really care about this stuff as much as we do.

& hey, if he doesn't like the gift, you can't really go wrong with this. :)



Do you have any tattoos? I have zero, but I love clever, meaningful tattoos on other people. I could just never commit (and I don't like pain).

a unique couple tattoo

I think if I ever did get one, it would have to be something super tiny like these 2. So then what's the point in getting one? Exactly...

source unknown

PS temporary tattoos for commitment phobes, like myself.



Do you have any grocery totes? We have a few, but it's always hard to find a cute one so I decided to make a simple one in my handwriting, and you can make the same one with this tutorial! 

I also went ahead and made a bridesmaid tote & download since it is wedding season, and I'm sure a lot of brides would like to get their girls something cute that's not too expensive. You can make them this tote and fill it with goodies for a homemade gift! You could even print them on different colored totes to match your wedding colors - the file is just text, no background.

Read on to find out how to make these totes...


You will need a tote (any color of tote will work - the file is just text with no background), an iron, and some iron-on transfer sheets. I got all of my supplies at Michael's, but I'm sure you can find them at most craft stores or even Walmart.

If you want these exact totes, you will also need the files (see the bottom of this post)! I made a letter sized file for each one so all you have to do is download it and print on the transfer paper. The bridesmaid file contains 3 per 8.5 x 11 sheet so you can print multiples easier.

1. Print the file and cut it out. The closer you get to the letters, the better it will look!

2. Place the text however you would like it on the tote.

3. Press the iron straight down onto the paper (don't slide it from side to side like you normally would).

4. Hold the iron on each part of the paper for 20 seconds each (note: Make sure you read the instructions that come with your transfer paper. This is the instruction that mine gave for transferring to fabric.)

5. Let it cool for a few minutes, then carefully peel the design off.

6. Display it proudly at the grocery store or...

fill it with treats for your bridesmaids!

CLICK HERE to download the "bridesmaid" file

CLICK HERE to download the "keep it fresh" file



Woo hoo it's Friday! Are you doing anything fun this weekend? We're going to dinner and a movie tonight and I will have my new shop site up this weekend! lol I've been working so hard trying to get it ready to go live. 

Here are my favorite links this week:

Photos of LA in the 1940's by Ansel Adams:

An awesome bracelet DIY - I would totally buy these:

Fun, budget friendly wedding cake DIY:

Instagrahams - okay this is just too cute:

This makes me wish I had dark hair. So gorgeous:

An adorable letter of note "My mother declared my bedroom a disaster area..."

love this Nashville feature in the newest issue of GQ (not out yet). This is the Nashville that I know, but I feel like I'm always having to convince people that it's not a bunch of cowboy boots and twang.

I hated doing chores when I was younger too, but I never quite went this far...

For people with Internet ADD (myself included), this might be a helpful tool.

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(Photo via Standing Elements)



I originally wanted to make patterned napkins using stamps and paint, but it was not working for me yesterday at all. Then, Wes decided that the window sill of our apartment needed bleached so he started scrubbing it down (did I win the husband jackpot or what?) and I had a lightbulb moment: I could use bleach! Read on to learn how I made these cute painted napkins.

You'll need some fabric napkins in any color (I got mine for a couple of bucks at TJ Maxx). You'll also need some bleach (do not dilute it with water), and a container of some sort to paint out of with a paint brush. 

All you have to do is paint a design using the bleach and your brush! Just make sure you put some type of cardboard (I used foamboard), or something underneath so that the bleach doesn't get through onto the surface you are working on:

I'm more of a "just wing it" kind of girl when it comes to projects so I just painted everything on as I went, but if you want it to be more precise you can draw your design on with chalk first and then paint over it like this:
The bleach design doesn't show up right away, so this does help in keeping your place.

Let your napkins dry for a couple of hours (you can hang them out in the sun to make the bleach design really pop!), then hand wash and rinse them. They will then be ready to wash in a washing machine without the bleach bleeding off.

I think these would be so cute as a set for a gift or just for your home entertaining. Have fun!

*Note: Bleach is toxic! Keep out of reach of children and animals (esp. if you have a dog like mine who eats anything), wear gloves if you have sensitive skin, protect your eyes, and do this project in a well ventilated area!



This is part 2 of the Staycation Ideas post I did last week. I hope it will be helpful to anyone trying to save a little dough this summer!

(Photo via Serendipitous Romance)
Nothing makes a vacation or staycation more fun than getting the adrenaline pumping! Some possible ideas depending on where you live would be going to an amusement park, zip lining, rock climbing, or whatever adventurous activity you like! Check out the REI site to search for outdoor adventures near you. PS. I really want to do this!

(Photo via A Well Traveled Woman)
This is a great staycation idea or just a great date idea! Go out to the country where the stars are really clear and check out the constellations. Or make up your own :) This site has great stargazing tips for each day.
(Photo via Jak and Jil)
Most people never visit their local tourist attractions, but some times it can be really cool to see what brings people from all over to your city. When my family visited Nashville, we went to several tourist attractions that they wanted to see, like the Country Music Hall of Fame (which I never would have visited on my own) and it ended up being pretty cool! You can find the tourism attractions in your state here.

(Photo via Modern Man)

There is something so simple and fun about playing a board game. It always gets people laughing and takes you back to when you were a little kid. Host a game night with your favorite games and snacks! Here are the so-called 15 greatest board games of all time. PS. This is my favorite!

(Photo via Evan Todd Indianapolis)
Take the money you saved by staying at home and visit a fancy spa. Or, have a DIY spa with your friends! It feels great to be pampered every once in a while, and it's sooo relaxing!

I also found this great link that has staycation ideas by city!

CLICK HERE to see Part 1


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