Did you have a good week? Last night we went to the Ryman and saw Chris Thile and Michael Davis play the most under appreciated music out there. The harmonies are so intricate and they are such insanely talented musicians. I encourage you to check them out!

I hope you're doing something fun this weekend - I don't have any real plans (which is kinda nice) so I'll probably just be taking it kinda easy this weekend and maybe breaking in the pool now that it's crazy hot outside.

Here are my favorites of the week:

The six greatest enemies of happiness - with fun little diagrams for each one.
New John Mayer song + Draw Something = awesome.
Another celebrity marriage bites the dust. Sad.
2 little girls explain the worst haircut ever - soo funny and cute!
Buzzfeed posted the best of Friends bloopers and I was of course ecstatic. Try not to smile, I dare you!  

clever packaging:

I so wish the answer was yes:

Gorgeous makeup:

Brownie cookies with caramel cream frosting. Drool.

Loving the fringe garland at this summer fiesta!

Handwritten Heart Save the Date Card:

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Have a great weekend!

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