If you are dating/married to a guy like my husband, you've struggled with figuring out what to get him on special occasions. Wes is the kind of guy who will just buy something if he wants it, which is a pretty common trait among men. Oh, and if you're thinking of buying him something "different" than the stuff he usually likes, you know to stretch his fashion boundaries or something, think again. Trust me (and the yellow sweater at the bottom of Wes' dresser with the tags still on it).

I think the best thing to do for guys like this is to go with 1) classic manly gifts, 2) unique gifts that are cool but he's probably never seen before, or 3) things that men like and need but never shop for. With those ideas in mind, here are 10 gift ideas for the difficult man in your life:

Bacon/Chocolate Chip Pancake Mix - Make him these amazing and manly pancakes. $12.00

A framed print of his icon - Awesome photographs of awesome people, and more mature than a poster. $109 - 359

Beer of the Month Club Membership - Men like beer. $36.95/month

Beer Tasting Tool Kit - Like I said... $24.95

Take a hot air balloon ride - If he's a little adventurous, not if he's afraid of heights. Price varies

Man Skills Handbook - So he's always prepared. $18.07

Sirius XM Radio - Make his commute less boring. This is a safe bet because there's something for everyone on XM radio. $200ish/year

Whiskey Stones - Frozen stones that won't melt and dilute his drink $24.95

The Lonely Island CD's 1 and 2 - I've never seen someone not crack up at these guys. 

None of these sound like they'll work? Get him a gift card to his favorite store, and make him a recipe from this website. I promise he'll be very happy - men don't really care about this stuff as much as we do.

& hey, if he doesn't like the gift, you can't really go wrong with this. :)


  1. This is soooo helpful! and I LOVE the friends clip! :)

  2. Experience gifts have always been a big hit with my hubby. He'd much rather take a hot air balloon ride, ride on go carts, or go bungee jumping then get something material. FreemanX Experience Gifts - Gift Idea Specialists across Oz & NZ



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