This is part 2 of the Staycation Ideas post I did last week. I hope it will be helpful to anyone trying to save a little dough this summer!

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Nothing makes a vacation or staycation more fun than getting the adrenaline pumping! Some possible ideas depending on where you live would be going to an amusement park, zip lining, rock climbing, or whatever adventurous activity you like! Check out the REI site to search for outdoor adventures near you. PS. I really want to do this!

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This is a great staycation idea or just a great date idea! Go out to the country where the stars are really clear and check out the constellations. Or make up your own :) This site has great stargazing tips for each day.
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Most people never visit their local tourist attractions, but some times it can be really cool to see what brings people from all over to your city. When my family visited Nashville, we went to several tourist attractions that they wanted to see, like the Country Music Hall of Fame (which I never would have visited on my own) and it ended up being pretty cool! You can find the tourism attractions in your state here.

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There is something so simple and fun about playing a board game. It always gets people laughing and takes you back to when you were a little kid. Host a game night with your favorite games and snacks! Here are the so-called 15 greatest board games of all time. PS. This is my favorite!

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Take the money you saved by staying at home and visit a fancy spa. Or, have a DIY spa with your friends! It feels great to be pampered every once in a while, and it's sooo relaxing!

I also found this great link that has staycation ideas by city!

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