Since everyone is trying to save money right now, a lot of people are opting for a staycation rather than taking a trip somewhere. I think this is a great option and can be just as enjoyable as a trip because you can just relax without the hassle of traveling. I made a list of 10 staycation ideas for those of you who are choosing to stay home this summer. Here are the first five:

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Ever since we got a record player, I have started to really love the crackly sound of a record in the morning. Even if you don't have a record player, you can find some really cool stuff at record stores, and it's fun to look around! Check out Vinyl Hunt to find a record store near you.

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Wes and I are always guilty of getting in restaurant ruts. A stay-cation would be the perfect opportunity to try something different! Check out Yelp for tons of restaurant ideas and reviews in your area. I dare you to try something you would usually never go for - you might be surprised!

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It's always refreshing to spend a day outdoors. Pack a picnic lunch, your camera, and maybe your dog and relax in the sunshine! You can go to the National Park Service website to find the parks nearest you.

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Sometimes you get so busy with the day to day stuff, that you miss out on the little hidden awesomeness in your own backyard! Take the opportunity to check out a part of town you've never really explored. Design*Sponge's City Guides are always full of great ideas, and here are 3 other great sites.

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You can't beat the classics! Pop some popcorn, invite some friends over, or just chill on the couch by yourself and take in some oldies but goodies. AMC's 100 Greatest Movies of All Time list should get you started.

Stay tuned for Part 2 next week! :)

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