Woo hoo it's Friday! Are you doing anything fun this weekend? We're going to dinner and a movie tonight and I will have my new shop site up this weekend! lol I've been working so hard trying to get it ready to go live. 

Here are my favorite links this week:

Photos of LA in the 1940's by Ansel Adams:

An awesome bracelet DIY - I would totally buy these:

Fun, budget friendly wedding cake DIY:

Instagrahams - okay this is just too cute:

This makes me wish I had dark hair. So gorgeous:

An adorable letter of note "My mother declared my bedroom a disaster area..."

love this Nashville feature in the newest issue of GQ (not out yet). This is the Nashville that I know, but I feel like I'm always having to convince people that it's not a bunch of cowboy boots and twang.

I hated doing chores when I was younger too, but I never quite went this far...

For people with Internet ADD (myself included), this might be a helpful tool.

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(Photo via Standing Elements)

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