I originally wanted to make patterned napkins using stamps and paint, but it was not working for me yesterday at all. Then, Wes decided that the window sill of our apartment needed bleached so he started scrubbing it down (did I win the husband jackpot or what?) and I had a lightbulb moment: I could use bleach! Read on to learn how I made these cute painted napkins.

You'll need some fabric napkins in any color (I got mine for a couple of bucks at TJ Maxx). You'll also need some bleach (do not dilute it with water), and a container of some sort to paint out of with a paint brush. 

All you have to do is paint a design using the bleach and your brush! Just make sure you put some type of cardboard (I used foamboard), or something underneath so that the bleach doesn't get through onto the surface you are working on:

I'm more of a "just wing it" kind of girl when it comes to projects so I just painted everything on as I went, but if you want it to be more precise you can draw your design on with chalk first and then paint over it like this:
The bleach design doesn't show up right away, so this does help in keeping your place.

Let your napkins dry for a couple of hours (you can hang them out in the sun to make the bleach design really pop!), then hand wash and rinse them. They will then be ready to wash in a washing machine without the bleach bleeding off.

I think these would be so cute as a set for a gift or just for your home entertaining. Have fun!

*Note: Bleach is toxic! Keep out of reach of children and animals (esp. if you have a dog like mine who eats anything), wear gloves if you have sensitive skin, protect your eyes, and do this project in a well ventilated area!


  1. This is fantastic! I accidentally dripped bleach on my favorite shirt. I am going to pretend it was always supposed to be there and make something fun. Thanks for the chalk idea.

  2. I got bleach on a shirt too! A bright pink t-shirt. So, I splattered some more bleach on the t-shirt and it looked awesome! I'm gonna make these napkins! Thank you ...... : )



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