I'm loving everything dip dyed lately! It's similar to the ombre trend, but with less fade between the colors. There are a lot of DIY projects with this trend because you can dip dye so many things, and it's usually pretty easy to do (remember my dip dye spoons and dip dyed hair?). 

Here are my favorite dip dyed finds:

Links / Shopping:

Bowls: Wind and Willow Home Etsy Shop $16/set of 2
Gold Dipped Earrings: A Merry Mishap Etsy Shop $16.99
Dipped Canvas Tote: Rib and Hull Etsy Shop $96
Table: DIY project from HGTV
Bottle Vase: Dahlhaus Etsy Shop $46
Serveware: Ladies & Gentlemen $38
Yellow Dipped Stationery: My Etsy Shop! $15/set of 12

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