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I have always been fascinated by personality tests.

I love learning more about why I do the weird things that I do. I love hearing all of the wonderful things about myself (and conveniently skipping the "weaknesses" section, haha...am I right? that part always kinda stings). I think we all like to hear that we're not crazy, and sometimes taking a personality test will explain your little quirks and make you feel so much better about them.

I think I have mentioned this before, but I was a psychology minor in college (I was obsessed with my psych classes), and I remember reading about one of the most scientifically accurate tests, the Myers-Briggs. I recently retook the test and wow, it really is just scary-accurate.

My personality type is INFP.

Here are some of my traits, according to the test:
- intuitive about people
- prefers to work alone (as I sit in my apartment with my dog)
- not detail oriented (amen.)
- creative, passionate
- have a hard time choosing a career (uh...yeah)
- idealistic, won't do something just to do it, or for the money alone
- hates conflict (I'm the biggest pushover, seriously)
- super hard on themselves, perfectionists (see this post)
- does not take criticism well (might explain why I hate the "weaknesses" section...)
- wants to help people

...I mean, I could not have written more accurate statements about myself. There were so many times, when reading over my type that I was physically nodding my head. It's like "someone finally understands me!".

I highly encourage all of you to take the Myers-Briggs and see what it says about you. If you're still in school or considering your career path, it might even help you to avoid things that are not a good match with your personality type. I could have eliminated several career options from my list in college, had I taken my type seriously!

Let me know your type, and whether or not you found it to be accurate in the comments section. xo


  1. I am an INFJ, and it pretty much describes me perfectly. Including a vast majority of the weaknesses, haha.

    1. lol it's crazy how accurate it is! we'll just skip that section... :)

  2. I got the same! I almost figured as much- I can tell we are a lot alike. Fun and enlightening test!

    1. only 4% of the population! :) I always think that I feel a connection with INFPs - like when I read the celebrities with our type, I was like "I've always liked them!". I guess we seek out other people like us. Thanks for your comment, Kristen!

  3. Great article. I am an ISFJ, which totally describes me.

    1. Thanks! Isn't it crazy how true it is!? :)

  4. This was such a great article that I did the survey. Thanks! Loved it! It said that I'm an ISTJ & that I'd make a good lawyer (which is how I started out way back when). It also said that I like to work alone & am dedicated ~ yes! But now I have a creative business that I love. Guess I wrote my own rules!



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