Today I wanted to share a custom project I did for a new Etsy shop called paper & clay that features handmade books and ceramics.

The owner of the shop, Brit Kroner, is a friend of mine who I met during my short time living in Austin, Texas. She wanted an identity design for her new shop that was clean, simple, and modern (like her work). For the logo, I was inspired by the circular movement of a potter's wheel, and the hand drawn element ties the paper part into the design.

After designing her logo, I also printed her business cards on my letterpress with hand mixed gray ink on soft, off white paper.

You should definitely check out her shop if you get the chance - she's got some really great, modern pieces (these aqua cream and sugar bowls are my favorite)! And the screenprinted tote bag (above) is also available for purchase.

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  1. So cool! The paper and clay products and the branding!



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