It only takes one glance at my Pinterest boards to see that I'm a really big fan of inspiration boards. I always have been! When I was younger, I used to love tearing pictures (okay, usually faces of NSync members) and words (NSync lyrics) out of magazines and creating collages all over my walls. 

I think every work space needs a pretty, inspiring board to pin things to and mine was lacking this necessity so I decided it was time to make one. 

First, I had to pretty up the plain corkboard. I taped off a few sections and painted it (I used this spray paint for the pink part and this Martha Stewart craft paint for the gold).

Be careful to not stick the tape too firmly or use heavy tape (like duct tape) or this will happen:

Here's what it looked like post-paint. Better already!

Then it was time to fill it with stuff. I like to pin words, fabric swatches, pictures, anything that I like the looks of, really. I usually just go through a magazine and start cutting stuff out without thinking. I think that's the best thing to do - don't over think it. If something sticks out to you and makes you happy, cut it out! That's the best part of an inspiration board - it can be completely random.

The quotes are from here and here, and the "Today Will Be Awesome" print is from my shop.

I printed this "darling" quote from here.

This is part of my four leaf clover collection. I think small collections are cool on an inspiration board. 

These are just magazine clippings:

I jazzed up the top with some tissue paper bunting:

The "Just Start" print is from my shop.

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