One of the easiest ways that we have made over our new house is with paint. As I've mentioned before, when we bought the house, it was 50 shades of beige. Between the floors, walls, and counters, the colors just had to go. But the problem with changing a kitchen is obviously, it's expensive. While we would love to eventually get new countertops and make a few other changes in the kitchen, we are not in a place where that is our priority right now.

Sooo I did a little searching, and I found...counter top paint! Seems a little crazy right? Well, it actually works really well! I got the Rustoleum Counter Top Coating paint at Home Depot (not to be confused with their product called "countertop transformations" which is much more complicated and expensive) and I got it in the color "pewter" which is dark gray.

It includes detailed instructions, but basically you just clean the counters really well, tape them off, and roll on the paint with a brush (tip: use a brush that is meant for super smooth surfaces). If you're wondering, as I was, how it holds up with being in such a high traffic area, it works really well! The paint is not like regular paint. It is SUPER sticky (takes forever to get off of your hands if you get some on you) and the thickness of it means that it doesn't chip like regular paint would. Our counters have a couple of spots that look a little rough (caused by not using the right kind of brush) but overall, it looks really smooth and nice and is a great, budget friendly alternative to new countertops. This will hold us over until we can afford to make that investment. Oh, and I also painted the walls in "Revere Pewter"(half strength) by Benjamin Moore. You can see more pictures of that color here!

What do you think? Would you paint your countertops?? :)


  1. I would totally use this! I've thought about doing a paint job on our bathroom counters until we can save up for new ones. We have those lovely seashell sink/counter-top combos so replacing the counters means replacing the sink too and we're just not in a place to do it now, so maybe a coat of fresh white would make them less noticeable for a while.

    1. yes! I can't recommend it enough - just changing the color can make such a difference!

  2. This is a great transformation! Thanks for sharing!



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