Happy New Year! Here's to a fabulous 2014!

Today I wanted to share my go-to way to style a tray. Trays are such an easy way to collect little odds and ends without looking cluttery, and to create a pretty display in your home. Keep reading to see how I styled our coffee table tray.

Start with a pretty tray that will create a nice foundation for your display. This tray is from my shop but I no longer sell them. If you're interested in one though, just send me an email and I can have one made for you and invoice you via Paypal.

Pile up your favorite reading material in a neat little stack.

You know all of the pretty little things you see when you're browsing online or at Target that seem to have no purpose but you just like them for some reason? Those are the perfect items to put on top of a stack of books to pull it all together. This is a gold arrowhead from Target, but I've included other items that would work at the bottom of the post.

I looovvve the look of flowers throughout my home, but the reality is that they are only temporary, so why not go faux!? I got this bouquet from Blue Orchid Creations on Etsy. They are quite realistic looking and they brighten up our living room so much. They have a ton of different types of flowers to choose from and they will last forever. Pink peonies that never die = happiness!

Scented candles are a weakness of mine. I keep them all over the house, but a tray is the perfect spot to hold a candle and display a little dish full of matches. The aqua dish shown is from my shop HERE.

What do you think of this little display? Do you keep trays throughout your home? Let me know your go-to styling tricks in the comments below! xo

Style Your Own Tray With These Pretty Finds:


  1. Looks great! I love that this can so easily be personalized to fit everyone's individual style.

  2. Love it! This is one of my favorite ways to add something interesting to the living room



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