I'm trying to be more organized in the new year - something about a fresh new year just makes me want to de-clutter everything, including my mind, you know what I mean? I'm a big planner person but I also wanted to come up with more consistent weekly schedules of things that need done every week.

Before this, I was cleaning the house a little each day but I didn't really have a plan or a consistent way to do it so I'm sure there were some things that I was forgetting. And likewise with working out - I was working out almost every day but it was kind of random and I didn't feel like it was having much of an impact. So to help with these two areas, I made print outs of my weekly workout and cleaning schedules.

I posted a picture on Instagram and a lot of people were interested in downloading these and printing them out themselves, so here you go! You can either download my exact schedules, or I also have included blank ones if you would rather fill in your own tasks.

Cleaning Schedule
(size 8.5 x 11 - standard printer paper)
Download my schedule (below) here
Download a blank schedule here

The way that I laid out this schedule is great for procrastinators (like me) because it's just a little bit (usually one room) each day. Even though some days look like they are a lot of work, each day is only about a half an hour of cleaning which doesn't seem like so much and keeps me from putting it off, whereas cleaning the entire house on the weekends or whenever just seems so overwhelming and I won't want to do it at all. I also like it because it keeps the house pretty clean all week long. If someone comes over on any day of the week, I know that the house is fairly clean as opposed to doing all of the cleaning on the weekend and then if someone comes over on a Friday, the place is a mess because I haven't cleaned in a week - know what I mean?


Workout Schedule
(size 8.5 x 4 - top of a piece of standard paper)
Download my schedule (below) here
Download a blank schedule here

My thinking behind the workout schedule is that, in the past, I have worked out super hard for a few weeks and then done nothing for a week - I've just been too extreme with it. This schedule will keep me from getting burned out I think because every other day is a short workout (30 mins) and I also threw a fitness class in the middle of the week for something different. I left the schedule pretty vague and open so that I don't have to do the same thing every day (ex: I wrote "cardio" instead of "running" or specifying which type of cardio so that I can do whatever I'm feeling like that day).


I hope you enjoy these printables! How do you like to organize your weekly tasks?


  1. It's like you read my mind. I have been looking for cleaning schedules but most are geared toward busy moms!

    1. yay! :) I couldn't find any that worked for me either - had to make my own!



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