I hope you had a good week! Before I get to my favorite links of the week, I wanted to mention this cool little feature I added to the side of my blog where I'll be featuring my "current obsessions". It shows you things from around the web that are on my wishlist, and it changes every time you load the page. :)

I haven't gotten my 2013 Ikea catalog in the mail yet (boo!) but I've been having fun browsing the online version.

I love this sweet little bathroom makeover.

The cutest things that ever happened - this will make you smile.

Half of young adults do not feel they've reached adulthood - are you one of them?

How generation Y is spending money (hint: rent!)

I love this summer hairstyle:

If I was getting married again, this would be my dress:

I'm obsessed with this kitchen renovation (you've gotta see the before picture):

I was so excited to find that a local clothing store in my neighborhood, Imogene + Willie, is being featured by Anthropologie

Coffee. And. Donuts. Cupcakes. YES.

"Just Start" Print - A helpful reminder for procrastinators (like me).

...and so much more on Pinterest - follow me?

Have a great weekend!


  1. ok that link to the the cutest things was adorable!! and totally love that wedding dress :)

    have a good weekend!

  2. Thanks, Amy!

    PS. I put your stamp in the mail yesterday so it should be arriving soon! :)



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