Today I thought I would give you a little peek into my day-to-day activities. Now, I don't do all of the things in these pictures every day, but this gives you a little bit of an idea of what I do with my time. It's nothing glamorous but I am definitely happy with my life! I plan on doing a post down the road about working from home, but for now this assortment of pictures will give you an outline. I made this using the Pic Stitch app on my iPhone.

If I want to be super productive, I'll start my day with some Redbull and a workout. I don't do this every day but more like 3 days/week. Then I hit up my trusty planner and see what I need to do for the day. I usually do my blog post for the day at this time and then I might fill some orders/answer emails/ respond to Etsy messages.

Later, I spend a little QT with the fluffy guy, make some new stuff for the shop, and eat an afternoon snack.

If this were a completely accurate set of pictures, the computer picture would be huge. I spend most of my day answering emails, making blog posts, designing, etc. I also usually have to run an errand or 2 each day. Then later it's time for dinner, which if I'm being honest is usually something frozen or quick because I'm usually still working, but sometimes it's something like a veggie scramble. Later, Wes and I usually will watch a little TV and then he'll do some songwriting and I'll go back to designing/working at the computer until we get sleepy.

PS. No, I don't sit in a onesie and drink wine every night (I wish) but yes, I do own a onesie. Wes gave it to me for Christmas 2 years ago, a couple of days before he proposed. It's personalized. ha!

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