About a month ago, our friends Kaelah and Mike took pictures of Wes and me for their photography portfolio and I thought I would share some of my favorites! 

All of the pictures were taken in our little neighborhood in Nashville, which I love because we will always have these photos to remind of us of our time here! These photos are also really unique because Kaelah and Mike used old fashioned film rather than a digital camera. They sent them off to get developed, just like people did back in the day. :) I think the pictures have so much more personality because of that.

Midway through, we saw some food trucks, so we stopped and got cupcakes! You can't beat a cupcake break in the middle of a photoshoot. 

These shots at the park are especially pretty:

I also love these cool shots they thought of and placed side by side:

I'm always so awkward getting "couple" photos taken (I can never stop laughing)...

 ...but I'm so glad we have these pretty photos to document our Nashville life!

Anyone thinking about getting engagement shots done should contact Kaelah and Mike! They are working on the website for their photography business, him + honey photography, but in the mean time you can get ahold of them through her blog!


  1. You two are so cute! I love the pics, your shop, and your style. Keep up the amazing work! :)

  2. I like this concept. I visited your blog for the first time. Keep posting as I am gonna come to read it everyday!!



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