Last week, during our trip to Ohio, we helped my parents paint their kitchen. I wish I had a "before" picture to show you, but my mom had already gotten so much done by the time we got there so all I have are "during" pictures. Before this point though, they had wallpaper. Lots of wallpaper. It was bad. My poor mom and sister had the fun job of taking all of that down, and then when we got there, we painted!

via Holly Would
my mom hard at work

via Holly Would
Wes on the ladder
 We decided to do all white walls with a slate gray accent wall. My parents have dark gray countertops and this accent wall really brought them out and made the room more interesting and modern. I love how it turned out!
slate gray kitchens via Holly Would
The freshly painted walls and very few decorations as of now!
The next question my mom had was, "Which colors will look good with slate gray?" so I did a little research to help find complementing colors for the curtains and other decorations. Here are 4 slate gray kitchens with color palette inspiration at the bottom. 

slate gray kitchens via Holly Would

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