Holly Would Press Packaging

I have written before about my packaging for HWP, but lately I've been wanting to take it up a notch, especially for wedding orders. Packaging is something that I find not only fun, but also really important. The wedding invitations industry is pretty flooded right now, so I want my customers to know how much I appreciate them choosing me out of all the other options. I think one of the best ways to do that is to make the experience of opening their order really exciting and fun. I want them to feel like they're getting a present, not just a purchase.

Outside the box:
I added this sticker...

...and a logo stamp to make the boring brown box a little more unique.

I made a quick and easy little garland out of washi tape and strung it to the top of the box.
Holly Would Press Packaging

Then I added colorful elements like the thank you sticker and mini business cards. I want the box to feel like a celebration, so I punch some big confetti circles out of tissue paper and sprinkle them around the box. 

Holly Would Press Packaging

One of my favorite additions to my packaging is a little muslin bag with these sheets I designed with tips to have a more joyful (less stressful) wedding. As exciting as the engagement experience is, it's also a time where a lot of couples feel stressed and overwhelmed, so I added these as a way to remind couples to enjoy this time and remember what's important.

Holly Would Press Packaging

I hope that these additions will make my customers smile, and make opening their mail a little more exciting!


  1. Beautiful, I'm definitely going to try something like this the next time I send a birthday present :)

  2. I love the little garland and confetti addition :) x



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