When I was getting started with my business, one of the biggest challenges that I ran into was figuring out how to package my orders and where to purchase packaging supplies. I thought that a post covering all of the basics might be helpful for those of you facing the same thing. Let's get started! Here's an idea of what you will need, along with photos of what I use for my shop...

1. Inner Packaging

This is the more "pretty" packaging for your items. If your item was being sold in a brick and mortar store, this is the packaging that it would be shown in. The purpose of this is first of all to make the item look nice and professional, and secondly to protect it a bit as it's sliding around inside of the outer packaging / shipping materials.

Inner Packaging Ideas...
  • Prints / Stationery / Flat Paper Items: clear sleeves (I get these ones)
  • Jewelry / Accessories: jewelry boxes or small stamped bags
  • Stamps / Other Small Items: stamped muslin bags, tissue paper with washi tape or a sticker

2. Extra Protection 
This is the stuff that has no "pretty" factor at all - it's purpose is simply to protect your items.

Extra Protection Ideas...

  • Prints / Stationery / Flat Paper Items: Cardboard sheets to keep the item from bending (I get these ones)
  • Fragile Items: Bubble wrap, inflatable protective stuff, recycled paper, kraft paper, newspaper, etc.

3. Promotional / Branding Materials 
This usually includes some type of card that portrays your brand and provides links and other information to keep your customer coming back and/or subscribing to your social media. It also might include a logo stamp or stickers for the outside of your packages. I design my own and have them printed by my printing company that I use for all of my shop items but there are lots of places online that can print these types of items for you, or you can contact a local printing company in your area.

Promo Material Ideas...

  • Business cards
  • Larger cards that tell your story / show photos
  • Stickers
  • Stamps
  • Custom tissue paper
  • Custom packing tape

4. Shipping Materials 
This is the outer protection for your package, and what will be arriving at your customers' doors. Depending on the size and shape of what you sell, this might be either a box or a flat mailer. Shipping materials also might include a shipping label printer (I use this one), sticky labels, and the invoice for your order. Rather than including an invoice with prices, I always just include a gift receipt. I get a lot of requests to not include prices in the packaging so since I already send a full receipt via email, I don't include the prices in any of my orders. This is your personal preference.

Shipping Material Ideas...

  • Flat mailers (I get these ones)
  • Bubble / padded mailers
  • Boxes (I like these)
  • USPS flat rate boxes and mailers (note: this can be a great option depending on the weight of your items. I recommend weighing the cost of shipping flat rate vs. using your own box or mailer and seeing what works for you.)
  • Shipping Label Printer and Sticky Labels (Etsy offers a discount on this one, and it is the one that I use)
  • "DO NOT BEND" self-inking stamp - this is a MUST for those of you who sell flat items that cannot be bent. I designed my own - email me if you would like the same one that I have, and I can have one made for you.

My Favorite Places to Buy Packaging Materials:
- Clearbags (Protective sleeves)
- The Boxery (Protective Cardboard Sheets, Boxes, and Mailers)
- USPS (Flat Rate Mailers)
- Amazon (Dymo Labels)

& check out my video on the topic as well!


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  2. Thank you so much for all your tips and information! So glad I found you on You tube!

  3. Thanks for sharing this blog. It really was useful. I am just a beginner in this packaging industry. And I have been searching for all these details and I am glad I could read the basics of packaging from your blog itself. Great information!
    Now I would like to read on creative packaging designs and ideas. Expecting same kinda blogs from you. Thanks!

  4. HI!! I follow you on Instagram! Thank you for the tips!! Awsome. Where can i get a stamp? Love this idea.

  5. Love this idea! Where can i get the stamp from? Thanks for the tip!!!

  6. Loved this blog so much. What size are your stickers and what size are your stamps. This was really helpful and your site and blog is beautiful. Keep it up. You inspire me.



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