Today I thought I would show you around my office, where I spend...pretty much every single day!

You may think that I would want my workspace to be a little bit more decorated or colorful, but I actually get very, like, mentally stressed by clutter, and I need my workspace to be a little bit on the boring, sparse side or I won't be able to think! The most important thing about my work area is that it is clean and tidy, just for my own sanity. Also, we don't know how much longer we will be in this house - we know that this isn't our "forever" house - so I didn't want to do anything crazy with the walls and then have to redo it before we leave. 

I definitely have plans to frame a whole bunch of my prints though, which, HELLO, are made for decorating your office, so I realize how ridiculous it is that I don't have any of them displayed. I guess just with all of the other decorating that we've been doing in the new house, my workspace has just been last on my priority list.

Anyway, enjoy this little mini tour of how my office has been looking these days! xo

Desk Area
This is where I obviously spend most of my time in my office. I try to keep my desk as clean as possible with a tray to contain the little things that I need to keep out, rather than stored away in the drawers. I like to have highlighters and a ballpoint pen ready to go, as well as a notebook. I love this phone handset thing that you plug into your cell phone - it's so much easier to have it to rest on your ear and it is supposed to prevent radiation, which is always a nice benefit!

I would love to eventually get a legit desktop Mac computer, but for now I have my MacBook and a large monitor combo that works just fine. 

I also have a bulletin board that displays my business license and other tax related papers like that (because I'm always afraid I will lose them and freak out). In the corner, I keep rolls of wrapping paper in a large trash bin, which I very rarely need but my office seemed like the best place to store gift wrapping type things. 

This is the only area of my office that has much decoration, with the tassel garland on the wall. If you watch my Youtube videos, you would probably recognize that this is where I usually film those.

Shipping & Inventory Station
I have shown you guys this part before, but this is where I sit and fill orders. I love having all of my supplies in one area so that I can quickly fill orders without having to waste time looking for things. All of the pretty products that you see are available in my shop, and you can find links for all of my shipping / packaging supplies in this post.

Photography Cart & Extra Storage
The cart in the corner is where I take photos for my shop and such. I feel so lucky to have two huge windows right there in the corner of my office! I store extra shipping labels, mailers, and other random things in the little shelf-cart things and then I store my printer and extra printer paper in the other wooden cart (maybe one day I'll get around to painting those!).


  1. Love your whole office! It looks so sleek and fresh.. Looking at your pictures of your shipping area it makes me want to go organize mine :0)..

    1. thanks, Dawn! the shipping area gets messy so fast, doesn't it!?

  2. I am in complete heavenly bliss looking at your work space... and snap! We have the same desk, although yours has extremely pretty drawers!

    1. haha thank you! Desk twinsies! The drawers just have these sticky panel things on them - I did a post about them here: http://www.hollywouldblvd.com/2013/04/panyl-for-ikea-furniture.html :)

    2. Thank you! I shall be taking a look right now!

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