This weekend, we went up to Ohio for Easter and visited our family. We had a great (but quick) trip that involved a lot of eating and laughing - what more do you need? 

First, we stayed with Wes' parents and his mom made some really good food (I think I gained ten pounds). The next day, his little cousins (you might remember them from our wedding) and family came over.

The little kids love playing with chester, and we cracked up playing with the Aging Booth and Fat Booth apps on my phone. 

After that, we went to my parents' farm (where we got married), and had a cookout. We played a fairly intense game of two-hand-touch football that I'm still sore from, and ate dinner around the fire. 

I also took pictures of the wallpaper because I thought it was cool (perfectly normal).

We even got to visit with some good friends from high school for a little bit that night, then the next morning we went to church with my parents and left to go back to Nashville. 

Going home is always a whirlwind trip trying to see everyone, but we always have such a fun time.

Have a great week! :)

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