1. Various white dinnerware from Goodwill: $2.00
2. Sharpie: You probably already have one

This is such an easy (and cheap) DIY project. Just draw whatever patterns you like on some cheap, plain dinnerware with a Sharpie!

Happy doodling!

*Update: I've had a lot of people ask if the designs stay on when you wash it. I made the mistake of putting one of them in the dishwasher and it did wear off. :( But, if you gently hand wash them, they should be fine! Also, a helpful reader informed me that you can buy porcelain pens that write like a sharpie, and then you bake the dishes and it seals in the ink - definitely something to consider for this project if you want the dishes to be more durable!


  1. Cute idea, Holly. Can you tell me how it holds up to washing? I'm usually trying to get markers OFF my stuff...5 kiddos.

  2. Hi Betty! It holds up as long as you hand wash it, just no dishwasher (which I think if I had 5 kids I would only use the dishwasher!) haha

  3. Just FYI they make porcelain pens that write like a sharpie, but then you bake your dishes and it seals in the ink. Happy Crafting :)

  4. Chantel, I wish I would've known that! lol Thank you for the tip - that would be perfect for this! Might have to try that next time...

  5. If I were to bake the dishware after using the porcelain pens, how long and at what temperature should I bake it? And, would I be able to do it with my oven? Thanks so much!

    1. Ive seen on pintrest to bake at 350 for 30 mins...little late of a reply but just stumbling across this idea

  6. I'm actually not sure since I've never used those pens - I think you do put them in the oven, but I don't have any other details. sorry! good luck! :)

  7. I think these are absolutely adorable! I can't wait to make them.

    -Lacie Rose

  8. you can also bake them at 350 for 20 min after using the regular sharpie

  9. Just a caution: On the Pebeo Porcelaine Pens it is recommended that they aren't used on surfaces that come in contact with food. Since those pens have a more permanent seal on ceramics and have that warning, it may be a health risk if a sharpie is used on a piece that your food or lips may touch.

  10. The porcelain pens have instructions on them as to what temperature and how long to bake them for. I made monogrammed coffee mugs with the pens and it turned out beautifully! A tip though: Writing or drawing with the porcelaine pens takes a little getting used to, so it might take some practice. The ink rubs off easily if you touch it before you bake the item, so you can "erase" & re-do your design as many times as it takes! Just be careful not to smudge the design while putting it into the oven.



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